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Pallet Technologies inc.

  • co-founded a startup on the 'uber for trucking' model.
  • headed the technology development.
  • ended abruptly, ask me what i learned!

Stevens Venture Center

  • currently helping Stevens to redefine entrepreneurial education.
  • organizing hackathons, creative space, and support for passionate people.



Gap Year

  • Spent half a year working on farms, in kitchens, and with families around Europe.
  • The other half was spent working on a local vineyard in Barnard, VT.

Lycée de Bagatelle

  • Semester abroad during my junior year of highschool.
  • Lived with a family in Saint Gaudens, France.
  • Honors Science Track.



Vets 4 Warriors Online Resource

WHAT: Worked closely with Vets 4 Warriors , a suicide prevention hotline, in their New Jersey branch. Met with their counselors regularly. designed a system to help them pool their collective resources.

ME: Developer + Lead

WHY CARE? this was an opportunity to truly help. No matter how one feels about social stances, the military, etc. I think it's important to help people be happy.

TECH USED: angular 1 + nodejs + flask + mongo

News Sentiment - Visualizing Society

WHAT: My final project for HST 325, visualizing society, during sophmore year. I aimed to show how sentiment is linked through our news, but moreso the difference in popularity between various articles based on their level of 'positivity'. I used python to scrape google news and a third party api to analyze the article's sentiment.
See my other projects for the class here.

ME: lowly student

WHY CARE? I'm interested in how technology influences us, but even more with how people are influenced by people. This project let me explore both.

TECH USED: d3.js + beautifulSoup4 + flask + mongo

Dirty Bomb

WHAT: A javascript library for simulating the effects of a 'dirty bomb' explosion. In collaboration with Dr. Alex Wellerstein, researched over the summer 2016.
I did a little write-up too.

ME: Developer + Researcher

WHY CARE? I love and actively pursue using computer science in 'non-technical' fields with 'non-technical' people. This was a great learning experience both in applying my programming ability and working with people from different background. History baby.

TECH USED: ES6 + babel + gulp + nodejs

Venture Hacks

WHAT: A hackathon initiative through the Stevens Venture Center. It's focused on entrepreneurship. We are finding and educating young people with the talent and courage to create their own companies.

ME: Co-creator + Co-organizer

WHY CARE? Teaching is the best way to learn, education is the best way to freedom.