austin cawley-edwards

entrepreneurship - cs - art



Pallet Technologies inc.

  • co-founded a startup on the 'uber for trucking' model.
  • headed the technology development.
  • ask me what i learned!

Stevens Venture Center

  • helped Stevens to redefine entrepreneurial education.
  • organized hackathons, creative space, and support for passionate people.


Gap Year

  • Spent half a year working on farms, in kitchens, and with families around Europe.
  • The other half was spent working on a local vineyard in Barnard, VT.



Browser History

WHAT: a chrome extension that keeps your history with you.

ME: Artist + Engineer

WHY CARE? browsers give us many ways to 'clear' our history, but history is never as easy as a button to erase.

TECH USED: p5.js + chrome


WHAT: an interactive projected piece using one projector, one camera, and one person. Made for my final project in Creative Programming with Jeff Thompson.

ME: Artist + Engineer

WHY CARE? creativity drives technology. I used this project to apply computer science in non-traditional ways and express ideas through my most comfortable medium.

TECH USED: p5.js + opencv +

Vets 4 Warriors Online Resource

WHAT: Worked closely with Vets 4 Warriors , a suicide prevention hotline, in their New Jersey branch. Met with their counselors regularly. designed a system to help them pool their collective resources.

ME: Developer + Lead

WHY CARE? this was an opportunity to truly help, and though not directly connected to the cause, I found connection with the people.

TECH USED: angular 1 + nodejs + flask + mongo

News Sentiment - Visualizing Society

WHAT: My final project for HST 325, visualizing society, during sophmore year. I aimed to show how sentiment is linked through our news, but moreso the difference in popularity between various articles based on their level of 'positivity'. I used python to scrape google news and a third party api to analyze the article's sentiment.
See my other projects for the class here.

ME: student

WHY CARE? I'm interested in how technology influences us, but even more with how people are influenced by people. This project let me explore both.

TECH USED: d3.js + beautifulSoup4 + flask + mongo

Venture Hacks

WHAT: A hackathon initiative through the Stevens Venture Center. Focused on entrepreneurship. We are finding and educating young people with the talent and courage to create their own companies. Now on the second generation of leaders and more than 6 events.

ME: Co-creator + Co-organizer

WHY CARE? Teaching is the best way to learn.